The Day After... (Daniel's birthday)
Since Curt so graciously posted the previous news item to warn our fans and casual website visitors of this season's impending hurricane danger, I have taken it upon myself to warn of an even greater impending doom -- the apocalyptic tsunami of May 25, 2006! That's right, the day after Daniel's birthday (and 3 days before mine), the Atlantic ocean is predicted to be hit by a huge fragment of a comet, which will produce a "mega tsunami" of approximately 200 meters in height.

I don't want to cause any mass panic, but you might want to wear your lifejacket that day. As for myself... well, I'll be vacationing on the Virginia coast... I think I'll take my chances.

Save Lives in May

Posted on May 16 2006 by angela
by Curt @ May 17 2006 08:33 am
So, according to the maps of destruction, I have to go to at least Austin to escape the tsunami? Or, should I make it Dallas to be on the safe side?
by angela @ May 17 2006 01:29 pm
Hmm... Well that map is just a estimation, I'd go to Dallas. Maybe Oklahoma City just to be extra safe. :-)
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