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As we promised, we have returned with a brand new website! Which means, some things may not work or look right on every web browser. If something is broken or looks misaligned or all wacky, please let me know!

Posted on Dec 26 2003 by angela
by Curt @ Dec 26 2003 10:20 am
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!! The news is in Times! Bleccch! *pukes*
by Curt @ Dec 26 2003 10:23 am
The pages have no defined bkg color which means they may show up some yucky color instead of white.
by Curt @ Dec 26 2003 10:25 am
There are lots of alignment issues in Camino.
by Angela @ Dec 26 2003 01:50 pm
Well I had to fly to Hays so I couldn't get around to changing the font. After I'm done de-porning the shop computer I'll fix it. smile
by Angela @ Dec 26 2003 01:54 pm
Oh, and it looks to be aligned on this particular Compaq Presario with IE 6. Feel free to download the .css file and add a bkg color. And I'm going to change the news so that the comments go from old to new... it's confusing this way (with the newest on top).
by Angela @ Dec 26 2003 01:58 pm
Okay, no more Times. Although it actually looked kindof nice on this computer.
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