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Daniel Angela Curt

Landfall Bio

Born from the primordial grunge of the late 20th Century, Landfall evolved from several nationally inconsequential, yet locally influential rock outfits to become the 21st Century Power-Pop Band of Tomorrow, today.

Currently a triple-guitar power quartet, Landfall is intent on intensifying and increasing in strength. With Angela Crotts Beyer rocking the rhythm guitar and vocals, Daniel Means blasting the bass, Matthew Trana commanding the leads, and Curt Collins lambasting the drums, there is no lack of melody and no shortage of hooks.

Friends since high school, Collins and Beyer have weathered many storms together. From personal and personell shake-ups to complete devastation, Landfall’s Behind the Music will be like no other -- and not simply for the lack of drug and alcohol abuse. Though they have enough material for a lifetime of depressing emo music, Landfall prefers to concentrate on uplifting their listeners and inspiring them to smile.

With three-part harmonies and four-part rock, Landfall plans to take US airwaves by storm in 2007.

This is one band that shows no signs of weakening!

Alegna Stark
Updated January, 2007


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